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Shoppers online are almost twice as likely to first research a product they want on Amazon than on Google. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone wanting to sell product on Amazon except you’ll be in competition with the other 2 million active sellers on the platform striving for the same thing.

What can make you stand out. A marketing strategy that is fresh and tailored exactly to your needs. Our team of Amazon experts have years of experience and have unique insights into the e-commerce marketplace. We will work together with you to help build a strategy to kickstart sales and keep your Return on Investment (ROI) trends moving in the upward direction. Our Amazon Listing Optimization experts achieve this with a multi-faceted approach that begins with setting up your account to sell on Amazon UK and moves towards getting your products ranking on the 1stpage of Amazon’s search results to boost sales

Amazon Services


Here are services offered by Expert E-Stores to make sales soar on your Amazon store:

Our Value

Our expert consultants will be with you every step of the way right from the day we first create your initial account on Amazon. We then continue to manage it with comprehensive reports on allits activity giving you valuable insights into where things are headed. Our specialistAmazon account managersdraw on their years of experience spent understanding Amazon online shopping to work hand in hand with you to draw up a strategy combining paid advertising, optimization of content, social media presence, deals, reviews and promotions. This leads on to writing up listings that are engaging and key word dense helping us land your listing on the first page of searches and so steering lots of traffic your way to boost sales.

The Perfect Product Listing

There isno doubt a combination of factors that contribute towards the perfect product listing on Amazon, but it is well known that perhaps the most important aspect is optimization of your product listing on your Amazon store. A carefully thought-out listing with generate tonnes of traffic and help attain higher ROI from the word go. Our proven methods to create the perfect listing for you include:


Maximising product titles and description while working within Amazon’s character limits. Using basic yet effective writing tools such as the use of the bullet points to highlight product features and infusing a higher number of key words in the text todrive customers to make your product their choice

•Conducting comprehensive research of current listings of yours to make sure all items are not only in the correct category but also that all the metadata has been polished to the highest standards to yield results

•Performing an in-depthanalysis of keywords and phrases that most closely sync with your listing and what the customers searches for to ensure your listing ranks on the highest rung of the ladder aka the first page

•Effectively utilising your current creative assets to produce attention grabbing images of your product that will make the customers stop while scrolling through the amazon shop


Dynamic listing optimization

Our experienced Amazon experts are pros at the all famous ‘’Amazon A9 Algorithm’’. This details the very crucial task of optimizing your product listing. This not only means including in it high yield keywords but also how to place these words; in what format and what order for them to generate more traffic and increase sales. Furthermore, keyword trends are dynamic, meaning that they continuously change as with the way consumers approachAmazon online shoppingsearches,and this is why we very carefully and responsibly respond to this dynamic by continually reviewing and altering the keyword keeping it at as attractive as possible to the customer. In a nutshell, you can expect perfecting of content and images, backend optimization, tracking of changing keywords and an in dept analysis of the competition to give your listing the edge of the rest.

Improving and managinga top-notch Amazon Catalogue

Market research clearly demonstrates that a clearly communicated, organised and well thought out catalogue that is easy for customers to navigate improves the shoppers experience online.

If your aim is to build a brand on the magnanimous platform that is Amazon, it is crucial that your product catalogue be clear and clean. While we can also begin with setting up a catalogue for you, if one is already in existence on Amazon, our experts will begin with reviewing the categories the catalogue falls under. Theother thing to look at is variations; these are bundles of products that relate to each other. A good strategy when applied to product variation allows increased sales by making it simpler for customers to compare and choose items on the basis of attributes such as dimension and colour all on one page.

The aim with your catalogue is to elevate the presence of your brand on Amazon. Our aim it for the customer to seamlessly land on your brand’s catalogue each time they make a related search. One of the mosteffective ways to do this is with running sponsored adsfor the brands instead of just for one product.

Grow and boost sales with Amazon advertising steered by our experts

With over 2 million active sellers on Amazon, its well known how stiff the competition can be for any brand or product no matter how good. To be seen is the aim. To ensure their brand or product is seen first, high ranking sellers use PPC strategies and to set themselves apart from the crowd. Our experts will give you a kickstart in the race by laying down a plan that includes a mix of advertising the brand and product mixed with video ads and sponsored display on Amazon Seller CentralAmazonUK, Seller Central Amazon USAor Amazon Vendor Central.

Amazon Storefront

Amazon Storefront is an initiative taken fairly recently by the Amazon to give small and medium sized businesses a platform to showcase their unique products and catalogues and build a one-on-onerelationship with their client base. This can be thought of as your own website within Amazon and this is especially great for smaller businesses or start-ups that haven’t gotten as far as having their own website designed yet. Your Amazon storefront will be the face of your business when aiming to sell on Amazon UK. The store can feature all your products descriptions, pictures and videos all unique to your brand. This presents a unique chance to stand out from the crowd and establish an identity online.

How this is executed is crucial and our Amazon experts are here to help. They have plenty of experience in knowing not only how to get your store started but also the minute details of which text looks better and what sort of videos and pictures will catch your customer’s attention and hold it long enough to get a sale. We will use Amazon A+ to allow your catalogue the most exposure possible in turn allowing you to share your brand’s story with the world and form that all important connection with customers that will last for long. We will help to start your Amazon shop andwill steer traffic to your page by putting the spotlight on your best sellers and deals. It doesn’t stop there; the possibilities are endless. We can get even more traffic using sponsored ads, guiding our customers to your brand store so they can look through the catalogue and your products will be presented well so that they can speak for themselves. A perfect combination of SEO, A+ Amazon content, cutting edge video and photo content is going to be your ultimate tool to boost growth for your brand.

We also appreciate how important it is for your brand to have its own voice and identity and we our experts take special care to ensure this is what is projected to customers via your Amazon shop. While it is free to sign up to, so far only about 20,000 brands have their own Amazon store front meaning there is plenty of room for your brand to make a debut and stand out. We will work closely with you to make sure the design and content match with your brands ethos and story. Research has shown that people want to connect with brands that they are buying from and this is why we encourage you to tell your brand’s story on your Amazon store with high quality writing, photos and videos that will make your brand stand out and get the attention and success it deserves.


Amazon Reports and Analysis
Our team of Amazon consultants will perform regular checks and develop in depth reports and analysis of your business to keep you up to date on how the brand is doing. We aim to produce a report on your Amazon advertising strategy that will show full pay per click (PPC) data, Seller Central Amazon UKor Seller Central Amazon USA, return on ad spend (ROAS) and advertising costs of sales (ACoS). In addition to the above, our experts are well versed and up to date with all programs and opportunities launched by the eCommerce giant that is Amazon such as:
• The Vine Program
• Amazon Transparency Program
• Automate Pricing
• Remote Fulfilment
• Voice of the Customer
• Program Zero

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