Holding a significant 31% of today’s e-commerce market and adding over $184 billion in economic activity worldwide, Shopify rightfully has a strong standing as one stop eCommerce stop for all your selling needs. Moreover, only in the past 6 months, the Shopify website was able to churn out a massive 46.5 million visits while checking in about 218 million orders last year. Competition is fierce with over 2 million very active users representing more than a million business globally, but this does not stop marketing agencies like Expert E-Stores from getting your product on the Shopify store and making it sell. We offer a wide range of services to ensure your presence on this crucial eCommerce giant to further your brands success.

Research for keywords and selling strategy

Our Shopify experts are masters in SEO and dig deep to identify correctly your target audience, pick up all essential key words, organize these keywords and search phrases into groups to create SEO content that will ensure you rank high in searches relating to your product in any way.

Audit of Shopify website SEO
We will very closely look at your Shopify stores to ascertain where it is in its security, ease of navigation and performance. Our Shopify experts will make sure your Shopify website is complete with the company name, contact number and address. Furthermore, we also examine the how effective your backlinks are, whether of not theshops current online presence needs upgrading and determine if descriptions of products need updating tobe catchier and more lucrativeamong other things
Optimization both on and off page

Our consultants are specialists in SEO and make sure each inch of your Shopify store is optimised to its maximum potential. We cover management of your social media platforms, optimization of content, your custom strategy for link building and everything in between to equip your brand with what its needs to stand out and grow quickly

Link Building

Drive traffic that will result in sales to your Shopify store with another great tool that our experts can help with, link building. Our consultants will take a multi-pronged approach to this using marketing your content, managing reviews and especially using social media platforms to steer traffic with links to land directly on your Shopify store. This process translates into more sales by creating greater awareness of your brand among your target audience, promoting engagement of your business and helping catch backlinks of high quality.

High quality Content

Market research shows evidence of the fact that businesses that regular post high quality content are more likely to connect better with their customers and keep them coming back for more purchases. This is why our SEO copywriters work hard to produce for your company high quality content that will showcase your brand and products in the best light possible. We will write descriptions of your products that are complete, catchy, engaging and reader friendly. Posting regular blogs is also a great way to keep your readers involved and we will make sure your page stays updated with personalised pieces of high-qualitywriting. We take things a step further with A/B split tests to ascertain the format that will suit your product’s page the best.

Technical SEO

Many will argue that one of the most integral pieces of the puzzle in succeeding with your eCommerce venture is increased visibility and exposure of your brand online. With our technical SEO services for Shopify, we aim to put your brand in full view and increase rankings online. We achieve this with a combination of improving your site speed, performing audits of your site, fixing crawling issues and redirecting errors, installing Google analytics and placing canonical tags.

Web Design for Shopify

Our Shopifythemesdevelopment services are customized to your brand and can fit your budget too. We understand how important it is for your page to be user-friendly and easy to read through and this is what we strive to achieve with our Shopify themes services. We will simply navigate through the page as much as possible, apply relevant filters to products and make sure your store is optimized for online searches. In addition to this, we also aim to improve your customers’ experience with site support and maintenance as well as usage of the Shopify app.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We aim to convert most page landings into sales and valued customers with our CRO services. This entails optimizations of all major aspects of your site which will increase ROI such as carousal images, your site’s homepage, call to action (CTA) buttons, internal links, pages displaying product detail, checkout buttons and shopping carts.

Pay per Click Advertising for Shopify

Whether you make use of Shopify dropshipping or other methods of selling your products, Shopify PPC advertising will definitely increase rates of conversion and reflect growth in revenue. We proudly offer a no-obligation consultation for your PPC needs that is completely free of charge. With this consultation, we hope to help you decide how PPC strategies can enhance SEO. Our service relating to this includes an in-depth research of relevant keywords, creation of your customer account, product page setup, optimization of your campaign and monthly reports on working and progress

Management of Reputation-the importance of reviews

It is estimated that about 70% of customers will go through reviews online before they decide to buy a particular product. At Expert E-Stores we offer an all encompassing software for reputation management helping you keep track of your Shopify stores and maintaining a positive image with prompt responses to reviews.

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