With over 182 million shoppers to showcase your product to, selling on eBay is not something any brand wants to miss out on in today’s eCommerce market. With that many users making efforts to sell on eBay and the simple platform that they provide you want to be able to maximise your chances of success on eBay UK quickly and efficiently and that is where we come in. We will do all the rut work for you so that you can get set up and going quickly with your eBay account.

EBay Account Management

In contrast to other selling platforms, if you become a significant seller on eBayUK, they will allocate an account manager to you. There is a great opportunity here to build a lasting relationship of trust and mutual benefit here with eBay. Our Ebay account management teamwill take charge and nurture this relationship by making sure your presentation to them is perfect from the start and syncs well with their own eCommerce strategies and aims. This will translate into something very valuable in the long term as it will get you in with fee discounts, technical supports, branding benefits and active participation in promotions and marketing across the site.

Your Listing
Generally there are two ways to order and layout your product listing. Multi variant types will have a drop down meu that will allow consumers to choose items related to the one they are viewing meaning you have effectively concentrated traffic on your listing making them more likely to make a purchase from there; the only thing to consider here is that it may cause your very important reviews to be more scattered and less in plain view. The other way is to present simple listings which may take longer to sell but will become a rich page with reviews and hits once it kickstarts. At the heart of either option is high-quality copy that is engaging and reader-friendly. At Expert E-Stores we can help develop a custom strategy for your product listing that will work best for your business.
Paid advertising

With almost 2 million sets of eyes on your products on eBay it can safely be said that driving traffic to your page using all tools at your disposal is essential to revenue growth. Our consultants will work closely with you to devise spearheaded paid marketing campaigns that are maximally optimized to make sales skyrocket. Our approach includes taking an 360 degree view of the activity on your page and develop strategies that will work best with it. Furthermore, we also recognise that a marketing strategy to sell on eBay needs to be dynamic and so we will change advertisement activity in sync with changing buying trends and stock levels to keep your sales graph moving towards an upward trend.

Reviews on your eBay account
It is well known that advancing from a Power Seller to a Top Seller on eBay can boost your sales exponentially. At the heart of this advancement are reviews form clients on your products because you achieve the status of Top Seller not only based on how many items you have sold but also on what sort of reviews your customers have left you for them. Our team specializes in helping you become a Top Seller with a detailed strategy to respond to any situation with your client base and ensure the tone of your reviews stayspositive.
While processing returns for a range of reasons is an important aspect of selling on eBay and also of good customer service, it is well known to all businesses that it costs time and money and the fewer returns you have to go through the better. Our experts will work on all aspects of your brand to gear it up for minimal returns and managing those you do need to process with finesse and maintain that positive relationship with the client all the same time.

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