With over 110 million users looking for products on Walmart every month, the time to build your brands presence on this platform is now. Walmart’s Marketplace has grown and developed very quickly over a short span of time and now offers a variety of features and tools to sellers and buyers and alike putting it right up there in competition with giants like Amazon and eBay platforms to sell big. This explains why a lot of brands today will not limit themselves to selling only in a place or two but also make its place on other platforms like Walmart. This is also true because the alternative to selling on marketplaces is to build your own website which sounds like an attractive aspect but is one which requires a lot of work from web design to quality CEO copy and everything in between. Selling on eCommerce platforms means the base work is done for you and we can focus on building your brand and boosting sales together.

Another important aspect to consider with Walmart is that while is coming to the attention of more and more brands, currently in comparison to other platforms only about 10% of seller use this marketplace making it much less saturated and giving your products a better opportunity to stand out.
There is lots to be gained from having your products listed on Walmart including
•  Increased visibility for your products
•  Access to Walmart Marketplace’s exclusive advertising hub
•  Creating more opportunities in the market for your brand
•  Building your brand on a lucrative platform
•  Improvement in conversion rates for your products
Relatively low competition

Compared to an ocean of over 2 million sellers on Amazon, Walmart’s marketplace currently hosts 33,000 businesses which present us with an invaluable opportunity to showcase your brand on a rapidly growing eCommerce platform that is not yet fully saturated.

Selling for free

Another contrast to other eCommerce platforms like Amazon, BigCommerce Agency and the rest is that is allows you to take the leap with your business without having to worry about any associated costs. Walmart Marketplace currently charges no set up fees nor does it ask for fees for storage each month. You make a payment towards Walmart only once you have made a sale using their platform

Busy Platform

Walmart’s Online Marketplace can see about 310 million new visitors each month on average. In the year 2019 alone, the traffic on their site increased to almost 500 million at the peak of the holiday season. This is a very impressive stream of traffic and one that will definitely benefit your brand should you choose to sell on Walmart.

Account Management

You can trust that your Walmart account will be in safe hands with us. Our team of experts will develop and apply robust marketing strategies to promote growth of your brand on Walmart. We are proud to say that we have gotten 6 brands Pro-Seller Badges; this was achieved by maintaining their Shipping rate, Order Defect Rate and designing a high quality catalogue

Your listing

It cannot be stressed enough how important the layout of your product listing is to making sales. Our team of marketing strategists work closely with you to make sure product titles, images, descriptions and videos are all geared towards making sales.

Listing Optimization

Expert estores is one of the best for all your listing optimization needs. Owing to our years of experience we know the ins and out of selling on this massive platform and over time we have honed our skills to help you develop an account management service like no other.

Advertising on Walmart

Walmart is no exception when it comes to the benefit of sponsored ads. We will work to help you optimise your listings to the maximum, put up sponsored ads and improve conversion rates with our advertising plansand campaigns

Keywords that key in

Our team conducts in depth research to strategically place keywords on your listing page so as to steer traffic in your direction every time customers conduct a search related to your product in any way.

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